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Welcome to Sentry Testkit!


Sentry is an open-source JavaScript SDK published by Sentry to enable real-time crash reports and error tracking that helps developers to monitor and fix crashes in real time.
However, when building tests for your application, you want to assert that the right flow-tracking or error is being sent to Sentry, but without really sending it to Sentry servers. This way you won't swamp Sentry with false reports during test running and other CI operations.

...and this where Sentry Testkit Goes In!

Sentry Testkit enables Sentry to work natively in your application, and by overriding the default Sentry transport mechanism, the report is not really sent but rather logged locally into memory. In this way, the logged reports can be fetched later for your own usage, verification, or any other use you may have in your local developing/testing environment.


Built for JavaScript Ecosystem

Supports Sentry's JavaScript packages and clients as well as Nodejs.

From Unit Tests to E2E Testing

You can intercept error reporting at all levels of your tests. From simple unit tests run all the way to E2E environment (based on Puppeteer).

Built-in Network Interceptor

Shipped with configurable network interceptor which allows you to intercepts events sent to anywhere else.

Ready to get started?

Testing error reporting doesn't have to be painful.
Setnry-Testkit will help you write less code while achieving better performance.